Colorado Springs and Surrounding Areas

Realty Services

Expectations for aerial photography and video are on the rise. Allow me to introduce the services I offer to meet your needs.

Aerial Photography and Videography

I specialize in capturing breathtaking aerial images and videos of properties, showcasing their unique features and surrounding landscapes. With my expertise in aerial photography, I help realtors attract potential buyers and set their listings apart in the competitive market.

Progression Photography

I provide regular progress photos of construction projects and property developments, keeping realtors and their clients informed every step of the way. My detailed progression photography showcases the evolution of properties over time, building transparency and trust throughout the process.

Property Inspections

With my drone and keen eye for detail, I conduct thorough aerial property inspections for realtors. From rooftops to chimneys, I capture high-resolution images of hard-to-reach areas, allowing realtors to identify potential issues and ensure the safety and integrity of properties. My inspections provide valuable insights, helping to streamline the buying and selling process for realtors and their clients.
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